BiteSMS 4.3 for iPhone Now Available

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BiteSMS 4.3, a replacement to the built-in Apple messaging application is now available for the iPhone.

BiteSMS adds lots of extra features like smileys, Quick Reply, Quick Compose/Quick Call, Privacy, a character/SMS counter and more.

Whats New In This Version:
* New feature that allows Quick Compose to be used in the lock screen mode - Nice!
* Added support for “delivery receipt SMS notifications” using carrier prefix codes, e.g. #N9 (it’s not proper SMS protocol level delivery receipts, it just asks your carrier - if supported, for an SMS notification upon delivery). For prefix codes see: ... -worldwide
* New Accents / Diacritics feature, whereby accent and diacritic characters are replaced with their equivalent non-special characters, e.g. á replaced with a. The intent is to maximize the number of characters you get when sending an SMS message.
* Added a passcode feature to control access to biteSMS and native Messaging applications.
* Added “Forward” feature in Cut&Paste menu on bubble double-tap inside the biteSMS application (SMS only, not MMS).
* Added a heap more smileys :-)
* Added a smiley setting to allow “Short Code” version of smileys to be used, e.g. :) instead of :-) to save on the number of SMS characters used.
* Added smiley setting to allow encoding of smileys to be Emoji or ASCII.
* When user enters the text field and it only contains a signature, the cursor will now be positioned before the signature (currently it’s wherever the user touches).
* The autocorrect feature now works correctly.
* Added Mon, Tue, Wed…etc to the Settings, Carrier SMS Plan, Reset Counter feature for those on weekly plans.
* Added a setting to allow the Quick Reply read / unread circle feature to be turned off.
* Added a setting for Quick Reply to “Auto-Close” if set, when you press the Send button the window auto-closes.
* Added a setting for Quick Compose to “Auto-Close” if set, when you press the Send button the window auto-closes.
* Added a new nicer Favs icon for the Quick Compose window.
* Updated the start-up image (default.png) displayed when biteSMS starts-up to include the settings icon as well.
* Fixed Bug in Quick Compose and Quick Reply, where you entered text, lock, unlock and then the entered text was gone.
* Fixed issue when using biteSMS sub-menu (from long-hold / double tap in text field) upon clicking back in text field, the cut&paste menu would be shown again.
* Added a setting in Quick Compose called “Default Last To:”, which defaults last entered contact into the “To” field.
* Added a shadow effect in the Quick Compose and Quick Reply screens.
* New pink send button in Quick Compose and Quick Reply screens.
* Fixed iGo and Chopper from crashing when biteSMS installed.
* Fixed issue, whereby upon first start-up of biteSMS after upgrade or install, it crashed due to other Mobile Substrate applications being active.

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