QuickScroll 0.1-12c Coming to Cydia Soon QuickScroll 0.1-12c Coming to Cydia Soon

QuickScroll 0.1-12c, an iPhone utility by KennyTM~ which improves scrolling, has been submitted to the BigBoss repository.

Triple tap anywhere (hold one finger and triple tap the other to avoid resizing) to bring up the QuickScroll dialog. You can then drag the green box to scroll around.

- Activate QuickScroll from anywhere, like web pages, long text views, tables, MobileTerminal, SpringBoards, just anywhere you can scroll. (Blame MobileSafari for requiring me to introduce this.)
- Jump to any page in a PDF file.
- Fixed from 0.1-12: Rotating from portrait to landscape position no longer makes the "Close" button unreachable.
- Modified: The alert box is now smaller.
- Language support for English, Spanish, Italian (thanks Sagitt for a few translations), Japanese, and Chinese (T+S).
- Can scroll to the top in MobileNotes now.
- Now the triple tap will iterate all touches, eliminating any possibility that a triple tap (that ought to be caught) is missed.
- QuickScroll will be suppressed on non-scrollable views.
- QuickScroll (PDF paging) will be suppressed on PDF files with 0 pages (usually those incomplete files).

If you cannot wait for the utility to reach Cydia you can download it here

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