Apple Explores iPhone File Transfer During Calls

Apple has investigated the ability to transfer files from one person to another while on a call. This information comes from a new patent filing.

According to AppleInsider the patent filing contains descriptions for sending text messages, e-mails, contacts, documents and more to a caller while two phones have established a voice connection.

In the patent entitled, "Auto Messaging to Currently Connected Caller", Apple explains the current situation...

"While a user of a mobile device is using telephony services, the user may want to send a message or a file to another part. To send this information, the user may have to disconnect the call, and then perform a lookup of the caller's contact information prior to being able to send the message or file. This multi-step process can be tedious for the user."

Apple's solution involves a user interface that provides messaging capabilities while on a call. It would automatically detect the callers' details and send the information accordingly.

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