Upcoming 'Wizard Warfare' Video Explained


Some videos have been circulating around the Internet and our forums of Sugar Devil Studios' upcoming game, Wizard Warfare. Aside from some great concept art, some cool looking screenshots, and a few mysterious movies, their web site doesn't have much information on it either regarding the actual gameplay.

We got in touch with Niamh Kenny, one of the Wizard Warfare team members and got him to explain the game. Wizard Warfare is a turn-based artillery-style game similar to Worms [App Store] or Star Hogs [App Store] set in a fantasy environment with magic spells like "Flame of Desolation" and "Wanton Cruelty" instead of bazookas and missiles. Players will be able to play as one of six wizards and battle across five full 3D arenas using 33 different spells. Also included is a two player mode.

Kenny sent us this video of a single turn in Wizard Warfare:


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