New Features Found in iPhone OS 3.1

A list of some of the new features found in the developer seed of iPhone OS 3.1 has been compiled by the iPhone Blog.

Currently known changes:
- Non-destructive video editing now gives you the option to trim your clip then “Save as copy…” rather then replacing the original clip.
- Voice Control now works over Bluetooth
- iPhone vibrates when moving icons
- Updated AT&T profile to 4.2
- Updated modem firmware to 5.08.01
- Improvements to OpenGL and Quartz.
- APIs to allow third party apps to access videos and edit them.

If you have found anymore changes or improvements please let us know in the comments so we can add to the list.

IMPORTANT: The baseband update to 5.08.01 likely means the ultrasn0w unlock has been blocked. Please do not immediately update when this firmware goes public

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[via WhenWillApple]


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