iPhone 3GS Limited to 384 Kbps Upload Speed

The iPhone 3GS supports 7.2Mbps connectivity; however, these kind of speeds won't be obtained if you are trying to upload, according to a MacWorld report.

Macworld reader Nick Dunklee points out that a teardown at RapidRepair of an iPhone 3GS shows that it has a UMTS/HSDPA chip. UMTS is the earliest 3G standard deployed on GSM networks, and it tops out at 384 Kbps. It’s easy to test, if you have an iPhone 3GS. Go to any speed tester, like Testmyiphone when you’re outdoors with a good signal. Downstream, you might hit well over 1 Mbps; upstream, under 384 Kbps.

Unfortunately this seriously limits the upload speed of your iPhone. Those who upload photos and video regularly will not be able to take advantage of the higher speed network.

Its likely that Apple will introduce this in a future model of the iPhone as a 'New Feature'.

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