Apple News Possible Method to Disable Edge on iPhone OS 3.0

Apple News

BigBoss has outlined a method to potentially disable EDGE for those on iPhone OS 3.0.

These steps are still being tested; so please let BigBoss know if you have any problems. Once the procedure has been confirmed it will be integrated into the SBSettings toggle.

1) Open settings app and disable Notifications. These appear directly under carrier, if you have them. They only appear if you have installed an appstore app that requires push. If you don’t have these, skip this step.

2) Disable push mail fetch.

3) Disable EDGE using SBSettings

4) Load settings app, enable airplane mode. Wait at least 10 seconds.

5) Load settings app and disable airplane mode. Wait for you to get service again.

6) Load SBSettings. You should have no Data IP (IP N/A).

7) Try using safari on Data. It should fail. Wait a bit, Load SBSettings your data IP should remain N/A.

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