MobileLog v3.0 Released for iPhone OS 3.0

MobileLog for iPhone (iLog) has been updated with performance improvements and support for iPhone OS 3.0

The release contains the following changes:
1. [Recents] Performance improvements for recent calls loading;
2. [Recents] Smooth calls scrolling;
3. [Recents] Totals show now total duration of calls;
4. [Recents] Possibility to disable showing number of called person;
5. [Recents] When “Call on Tap” is enable now it is easy to get Calls Details by clicking “arrow” on the left
6. [Recents] Deleting of the number now works faster and did not go list to the top
7. [Recents] Fixed few bugs for “Replace Recents” option
8. [Notifications] Fixed problem with “SMS” Notification
9. [Messages] Solved “Delete message” malfunction.
10. [General] Russian localization
11. [Modules] Russian localization

You can download and install iLog from the iClarified Cydia Repository. The application costs 4.99 EUR and does have a free trial period. If you do not already have iClarified as a Cydia source you can follow the instructions to add it: here.


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