iPhone 3G S Specs: 600MHz, 256MB, PowerVR SGX

T-Mobile NL has posted some of the iPhone 3G S specifications online.

The site confirms what has long been rumored. The iPhone 3G S has a 600 MHz processor and 256MB of RAM.

Specifications on the new processor have also been detailed by AnandTech. They reveal the new iPhone 3G S gets double the L1 cache and gets 256KB L2 cache. The old iPhone 3G has no L2 cache at all.

The combination of higher clock speeds, more cache and a dual-issue front end results in a much faster processor. Apple claims the real world performance of the iPhone 3GS can be up to 2x faster than the iPhone 3G, and I believe that’s quite feasible.

In terms of graphics the old iPhone 3G utilized the PowerVR MGX which has now been replaced with the PowerVR SGX.

The SGX is on Imagination Technologies’ fifth generation of its PowerVR architecture, and just like the Kyro cards we loved, the SGX uses a tile based renderer. The MBX-Lite used in the original iPhone was also a tile based architecture, the SGX is just better.

The PowerVR SGX supports OpenGL ES 2.0 which emphasizes a programmable 3D graphics pipeline with the ability to create shader and program objects.

Read More [via MacDailyNews]


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