How to Enable Tethering for iPhones Using MobileSafari

Instructions on how to enable tethering for users on the AT&T and other networks using MobileSafari.

This simple service is being provided by A big thanks to them for putting this together.

Step One
Press to launch Safari from your iPhone SpringBoard.

Step Two
Navigate to

Step Three
Press the Mobileconfigs download button

Step Four
Press to select your country from the list

Step Five
Press to select your carrier from the list that appears.

Step Six
An Install Profile window will appear. Tap the Install button.

Step Seven
You will be warned that installing this profile will change the settings on your iPhone. Press the Install Now button.

Step Eight
Once the profile has installed successfully press the Done button at the top right of the screen.

Step Nine
Reboot your iPhone then press to launch Settings from your SpringBoard.

Step Three
Next select the General Menu.

Step Four
Press to select Network from the General Settings.

Step Five
Select Internet Tethering from the Network Settings.

Step Six
Move the Internet Tethering switch to the ON position.


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