21 Things To Try With Your New iPhone OS 3.0

A list of twenty new features you can try out with your newly installed iPhone OS 3.0 has been composed by MobileCrunch. Hit the link below for all the juicy details!

The List:
1. Send an MMS
2. Scrub a song
3. Rate a YouTube video
4. Record a voice memo
5. Download a movie
6. Landscape support everywhere
7. Cut/Copy/Paste
8. Shake to undo
9. Call up AT&T and try to convince them to enable MMS
10. Copy a link out of Safari
11. Search in mail
12. Sync your notes
13. Sync with Google Calendar
14. Search in the iPod
15. Listen to your songs in stereo - wirelessly!
16. Tether
17. Check out the Safari fixes
18. Set up parental controls
19. Spotlight search
20. Resend failed text messages
21. Play with all the new content in third party apps

So that's MobileCrunch's list. What would you add to it?

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