Screenshots from Gameloft's 'Real Tennis 2009'


Tapni.Ru posts some screenshots from another upcoming Gameloft game Real Tennis 2009.

The translated bullet point features include:

- 8 players who have performed with the help of a detailed 3D-graphics.
- From Paris to New York or Stockholm, play at 7 different stadiums on the 3 surfaces - clay, grass and synthetics - from each of their impression.
- Local Server mode Wi-Fi - Compete with friends in real time!
- Office, which takes into account all the features of iPhone / iPod touch
- Serve, simply turning your iPhone!
- 2 intuitive touch regime that will suit everyone: A digital keyboard for maximum accuracy or joystick to control in the arcade style.
- Wide range of strikes: candle smesh and beyond.
- Career mode, which allows you to tour as a professional player.

The game is reportedly sent to the App Store and should arrive very soon. Tapni.Ru also seems the likely source of the Rise of Lost Empires screenshots that appeared earlier today.


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