SBSettings 3.0 to Get More Features

BigBoss has released SBSettings 2.99 and announced more features for the SBSettings 3.0 release.

In addition to the new features mentioned here, the following additions will be made:

- You can now have more than 12 toggles. (On the 3.0 OS). When you have > 12 toggles it will let you scroll like categories app or such.
- There is now an option to put the free memory in the statusbar. See:

- You can now select from several options to customize the behaviors of SBSettings:
--Enable or disable the U/I from lock screen
--Enable or disable the U/I during calls (for those of you that kept having the U/I activate on your cheek).
--Enable or disable the date in status bar.
--Enable or disable the memory free in status bar.
--Enable or disable numeric battery, wifi, or GSM (phone strength).
--Revamped the U/I on the more - extras screen.

Internally, I have made the toggles SDK more extensible enabling direct access to system() calls within the toggles. I expect another small flood of new toggles like safari download, samba, or syslog toggles. These tasks were impossibly difficult on 1.x sbsettings and are now trivially simple.

You can download and install SBSettings from the BigBoss Cydia repository.


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