RiP Dev Releases Skinable Icy 1.4

RiP Dev has released Icy 1.4, the latest version version of their installer application for jailbroken iPhones.

What's New in 1.4?
- Improved themeability: now it's possible to specify font and table colors, backgrounds and category icons for even better theme integration.
- New icon by Max Rudberg.
- Search: package descriptions are now being searched too (thanks to Andrew Tennenbaum!)
- Better parsing of categories (sections) — extra whitespace is now being trimmed off resulting in less duplicate (mistyped) categories.
- Resolved issues with installation of some APT repositories in some circumstances.
- Sources can now be reordered. Put more important sources to the bottom of the list.
- Some additional fixes and tweaks.

You can find out how to install and use Icy here

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