A Look at High Seas Battler 'WarShip', Me Harties!


The screams of seamen echo in the deep and wild seas. Now, the seamen will go through an adventure, risking their lives, fighting at sea. Advance to where no human has been before and become a master of Sea.

Wounded and sunken enemies cast off booty and, once collected, it can be used to upgrade ship features and buy new and mightier vessels, each with unique features. But don't let the pirates ravage your coffers… The game features several play venues to choose from in and around the Mediterranean and East Pacific.

See our gameplay video.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

WarShip is a rather simple game, buy those who sailed under Captain Meier and enjoyed the ship-to-ship battles at sea may want to plunder the App Store for this one.

App Store Link: WarShip, $2.99


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