It is possible to do the jailbreak of the beta 4 of the iPhone OS 3.0

It released a version of QuickPwn for Windows that allows you to jailbreak the 3.0 firmware to beta 4. Team. Remembering that this version is modified by others, is not the official Dev-Team.

Firmware in beta 3 already had a modified version of the program that made the jailbreak, QuickPwn the installer installs only the Icy, and it is possible to install Cydia which is now compatible with firmware 3.0.

. Download QuickPwn Beta 4 from this link or this. To work you must have the latest version of. NET Frameworks e Service Pack 3 para Windows XP NET Frameworks, and Service Pack 3 for Windows XP

. Install the firmware 3 beta 4 sull'iPhone
. Select the "Jailbreak"
Follow the instructions on the screen (DFU)
. Wait to finish the process and the conditions prontoque


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