iPhone to Get Wireless Movie and TV Downloads?

Apple may be on the verge of allowing movie and TV show downloads directly from an iPhone or iPod touch, according to a report by Kwame Jones.

This revelation, (again at least to me) comes by way of an advertisement in the new ad supported version of the app Twitterfon released on 5/15/09. Three ads, stumbled upon by a geeky friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of the powerful arms of the Apple legal department, scrolling across the top of the app were for ‘iTunes Movies’, ‘iTunes TV’ and ‘iTunes Movie Rentals’.

Jones notes that while the titles of soon to be available movies and TV shows were listed, and directories by genre are active -- the links to the actual movies turned up a message of "The item you’ve requested is not available."

Upon even closer examination Jones noticed that pages in question are under construction as we speak. Notice, the navigation bar at the top of the page at 12:28 PM ET. That navigation bar wasn't present at 10:55 AM ET and 12:07 ET.

It seems as though Apple may be developing the feature right at this moment.

Read More [via ArsTechnica]


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