Igloo Games Follows up 'Dizzy Bee' with 'Bed Bugs'


We go a long way back with Igloo Games. Their Dizzy Bee [$2.99] game was one of the first iPhones games we ever profiled here on TouchArcade.

Dizzy Bee arrived on the scene on the first day of the App Store's launch, and the game was a pleasant surprise with more polish and character than practically every other game at the time. It really gave us hope for the future of iPhone gaming.

While Igloo Games did eventually follow it up with Dizzy Bee 2 [$2.99], they hadn't released any brand new games until just last night with the launch of Bed Bugs [$1.99]:

Like Dizzy Bee, the game exudes charm and polish. In contrast to Dizzy Bee's use of the acceleromter, Igloo Games has centered this game around the iPhone's multi-touch controls.

At its core, the game is essentially a whack-a-mole type game, though that brief description sells the game short. The goal of each level is to protect your sleepwalker from waking up with a nightmare. This is accomplished through the use of the touch screen to tap, swipe or otherwise dispatch the creatures. There are 28 creatures in all across the same number of levels. The game starts easily enough with a simple tap/squish mechanic. Each level introduces a new creature that must be handled in a unique way. Instructions are sparse, so you have to experiment a bit. Mishandle enough bed-bugs and the sleepwalker will awaken and the game is over.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

Despite the rather simple premise, I very much enjoyed this game (as did others). Early levels are pretty easy but the difficulty does ramp as you progress. The above video shows levels 9 and 10 where things can get challenging. While I understand that some might not care for this type of casual reaction game, if you do, this is probably the one to get.

App Store Link: Bed Bugs, $1.99


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