Coming from FDG: 'Kryzer Prologue' and 'Parachute Panic'


FDG Entertainment, the development group that brought us Bobby Carrot Forever, is expanding their horizons and is working on a couple of interesting new games for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The first is due any day now and is a simple shooter variant called Kryzer Prologue. The game involves flying in a circle while shooting the baddies, avoiding enemy fire and collecting the powerups. A gameplay video shows how it works. The game will debut at $0.99 and serves as the prologue to a 3D version which is in the works.


The second and perhaps more interesting game coming from FDG is one called Parachute Panic which seems to be trying to recreate some of the chaos-management that Flight Control so successfully implemented.

The game involves successfully landing skydivers into passing boats. Through simple taps you can deploy parachutes and with swipes influence their movements. The game also introduces a number of life-threatening obstacles including passing helicoptors, thunder clouds, shark infested waters and more.

This early Alpha preview shows the game in action. Details may change before the final release which is due in June. The game will be priced at $0.99.

FDG kindly also provided us these additional screenshots:


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