View and control your iPhone for Win / Mac

Now you will learn how to view the Spring Board of the iPhone on your Desktop, this tutorial for you guys I was with was too long, then yesterday I received an email from reader asking Guilherme like to learn how to do this, and then I remembered posting.

See how easy it is to carry out this process.


VNC for your Desktop, VNC - Win l VNC - Mac

1 Go to Cydia and search for Veency and install on your iPhone

2 Install VNC compatible with your OS (VNC - Win l VNC - Mac).
3 Connect the iPhone and the Desktop to the same Wi-Fi.
4 Find the IP address of your iPhone - Settings> Wi-Fi> press blue arrow to the network chosen.

5 Run the VNC program you downloaded in step 2, and place the IP address of your iPhone in "VNC Server", then click Connect.

6 In the iPhone you will be notified that your Desktop or to connect to your machine, a message will appear, thus: "Remote Access Request", pressione Accept . press Accept.

In that very moment you may be viewing the screen of the iPhone on your Desktop, congratulations.


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