Undercover Theft Recovery Program for iPhone

The Undercover theft-recovery app for the Mac is now available for the iPhone. 

The application must be launched by the thief in order to transmit the phone's location; however, Orbicule is working with other developers to include the transmit location functionality into their applications. Also once push notifications are functional the software will be upgraded to make use of that capability.

Undercover can help you locate any lost or stolen iPhone or iPod.
Upon registration, you will receive your own Undercover account at https://www.retrievemyiphone.com. Every time the Undercover application is launched, the phone's location and IP information is stored in your account. You can then login to your account to track the device.

If your iPhone is lost, you can set a message that will be displayed to the finder when he launches Undercover. In the meantime, Undercover will transmit your phone's location.

If your iPhone is stolen, Undercover will pretend to be a game. This will encourage the thief to wait a few seconds for the game to load, enabling Undercover to get accurate location information. This location information is then added to your account and transmitted to the police station where you reported the theft.

The application costs $4.99 and is available from the App Store.


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