RiP Dev Releases Icy 1.1 Installer

RiP Dev has released Icy 1.1, an alternative to the popular Cydia Installer for iPhone and iPod touch. This release adds many new important new features such as support for conflict package specification and more info.

Whats New and Improved:
- Recent Packages;
- Support for More Info / Screenshots links in packages;
- When there are package updates available, Updated tab will be shown by default in the Installed section;
- Supports Conflicts package specification;
- Added custom Cydia header to requests so Icy is indistinguishable from Cydia from the repository point of view now;
- Moved Install/Remove buttons to the toolbar;
- Shows console log for dpkg failures;
- Recursive dependencies supported much better now;
- Support for WinterBoard so Icy should be themeable now;
- Removed Essential tag in the Icy's own info (mistakingly copied from Cydia);
- Some cosmetic and minor fixes;
- Some code profiling to speed up the UI even more.

Recent Packages may look odd at first, by listing all of the available packages. This is because APT repositories has no per-package "date" information so we have to store the information about when a particular version has appeared by ourselves. So first time when you refresh your sources, you will see a lot of 'recent' pages -- this will go away in a few refreshes when real changed packages are being picked up.

Source refreshes are still strictly manual. Next updates of Icy will allow a setting to enable automatic refreshes.

If you don't like how Icy looks, we encourage you to create a WinterBoard theme for it. :)

If you'd like to see Icy in your native language (as it's fully localizable), we will post the files that need to be translated on the blog tomorrow. We got Russian and German covered (German is coming in the next minor update), so we will be glad to add your language to the mix too!

Tomorrow the work on 1.2 will start -- next thing in the pipeline is the dependencies view.


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