My iNav Remix - iPhone and iPod Touch UI

My iTouch looked drab. It was screaming for a new UI, a new fresh face and so I got to work! Once a UI developer always a UI developer (no matter what platform :D). I took iNav and modded it to my liking - integrating widgets, editing the main menu, revamping the dock among numerous other things. I present you the iNav ANi Remix! Haf a look at the pics floating around this post. Kudos to the base iNav :)

This UI has been customized for iPod Touch, however by placing the Phone and Text/SMS icons this interface can be converted to an iPhone UI.

For those of you who dunno how to install it, I'm gonna quote the procedure. I'm too lazy to type :P Btw, before you proceed make sure you haf a jailbroken iPhone/iTouch for this (obviously!). If you are comfortable with SSH'ing into your device and uploading files then don't bother reading this tutorial! :D


iPhone/iPod Touch with 2.2.1 Firmware (Tested, might work with older firmware)
Categories V2.23 (Tested, Might Work with older version)

Download Categories V2.23 via Cydia.

Once downloaded make two new categories by clicking on the Add tab on the top right. Call the first one “Games” and the next one “Apps”.

Then place all your games into the Games folder. Next place every app into the Apps folder except for: Clock, Calculator, Notes, Videos, Photos, Settings, Mail, Safari and Music/iPod. Its also a good idea to add apps like Winterboard, Terminal, Categories to the SpringBoard settings Dock.

Install the blank webclips. To do this place the blank webclips (provided) in the folder: /Private/Var/Mobile/Library/Webclips (You will need a software like sshfs, if using Mac OS X or WinSCP, if using Windows).

We now need to install the iNav UI. Do this by placing the iNav folder into: /Library/Themes

Set the blank webclips so that there are 10 webclips in each page and then the application icon (11th icon). Also set Settings, Mail, Safari, iPod/Music icons on the main dock.

Go to Winterboard and select the iNav theme and also the option “No Undocked icon Labels”. Make sure this is above the theme. Respring SB and you are all done!
(Taken from here and modified accordingly)

Download the Updated iNav ANi Remix here or here.

PS: Damn! I seem to haf lost the Gimp XCF source file! I need to work on it again :(

Update: The UI now has support for "Tap Apps". This first page can be used to stack the 6 most frequently used apps for quick access. Background for Games, Apps categories and a new Wallpaper with sections are also included. The screenshot illustrates the feature. You will now need to rearrange the icons as per the wallpaper depicted. Other icons need to be moved as per the individual pages seen in the screenshot. Also the Lockscreen text has been fixed. The download link given above points to the updated version of the iPod Touch UI.

To change the location for the weather widget a JavaScript needs to be edited: Navigate to /Widgets/Configs/ directory. Now open the Weather-Config.js file and scroll down till you see "Raleigh, NC". Replace that with your [city],[state] or zip code/city code (if you use Yahoo Weather).

To change the units from Celsius to Fahrenheit, in the same file after the above mentioned line, make this change:

/* Set to 'false' for Farenheit. */
var isCelsius = false

Please leave your comments/suggestions about the UI here :)


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