Firmware 3.0 Preview: Camera

I really, really wish Apple would have fixed one thing with the Camera app. Make the whole screen the button to take the picture. Then, when you’re taking a self portrait, you don’t have to find the button. The new features are all pretty small compared to other firmware 3.0 features but nice improvements. Instead of the blue box in the bottom left corner, which takes you to the camera roll, there is now a preview of the last picture you took. Tapping on it still takes you to the camera roll. Also, when in the camera roll, instead of tapping on the little camera icon to get back to the camera, you now tap “done”.
Another feature that involves the camera is the home settings in your Settings app. You can now set the double tapping of the home button to open the camera app. This is nice when you want to take a picture real quick. Now you can get to it fast from anywhere. I’m still not sure why Apple doesn’t give you the choice of any app here, but more is always better.
Screenshots :


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