Downgrade Baseband 02:30:03 -> 02:28:00 with pHaseBanDowngrader

The pH of the small and clever site, has recently developed a very useful tool for owners of the iPhone 3G, it makes the Baseband Downgrade the iPhone version of 02:30:03 to 02:28:00, so you can use the Yellowsn0w .

If your iPhone was purchased before December 2008, it has the 5.8 bootloader, otherwise it has the 5.9 bootloader and can not have downgraded the Baseband. Lembrando também que iPhones que vieram de fábrica com o Firmware 2.2.1 não podem fazer o Downgrade. Recalling also that iPhones that came from the factory with firmware 2.2.1 can not do the Downgrade.

Still, if you have the 5.9 bootloader, try to use it because it can be success story, as happened with many Americans.

Here is a small tutorial on how to install it and use it:

Download the pHaseBanDowngrader

2) Go to your iPhone via SSH and copy the folder phasebandowngrader, downloaded in. Zip, into the folder / Applications on your iPhone.

3) In Cydia, download MobileTerminal, open it and type "login", put as user "root" and password "alpine".
4) Then type "cd / Applications / phasebandowngrader & &. / Phasebandowngrader"

5) Follow the onscreen instructions and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PRODUCT DURING THE PROCESS Downgrade!
6) Aproveite! 6) Enjoy!

Congratulations pH, success!


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