Developers Can Now Test iPhone Push Notifications

Apple has begun inviting iPhone developers to begin live testing of applications that use Push Notification, according to an AppleInsider report.

"Start testing your applications using the Apple Push Notification service today," the company said in an email blast to registered iPhone developers. "Log in t
o the iPhone Dev Center and review the Apple Push Notification Programming Guide and Getting Started video."

Apple explained that Team Agents can log in to the iPhone Developer Program Portal and proceed to the App ID section to perform the necessary steps needed for developers to enable and test applications using the new service.

Push notifications—also known as remote notifications—let users learn when applications on their iPhone and iPod touch devices have data waiting for them on their servers. When a device receives a notification for an application and that application isn’t running, it notifies the user through an alert message, a distinctive sound, or a number badging the application (or some combination of these).

The user may then launch the application, which then downloads the data from its server, which is also known as its provider. Introduced in iPhone OS 3.0, push notifications serve the same purpose that a background application would on a desktop computer.


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