Control and voice playback in 3.0 firmware?

The 3.0 firmware does not bring to the news, we found evidence of a function called "Jibbler," which will allow the iPhone receive voice commands. Jibbler would be an improvement in the Springboard iPhone (sort of application to pay the announced Spotlight).

Also, it would something like the function of the new 3rd generation iPod Shuffle, the iPhone that would speak to the user. The control could be done by the microphone of headphones, so we could find a contact for example, just talking to the iPhone.

The references found are: VSSpeechSynthesizer, VSRecognitionSession, SBVoiceControlDisableHandlerActions, SBSensitiveJibblerEnabled and SBVoiceControlSoundCompletion (if possible SB: SprinBoard and VS: Voice Services).


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