Audi releases free 'Truth in 24' iPhone game

Can't get enough of Audi's Truth in

24 documentary? Want to get in on the 24 Hours of

LeMans endurance racing action during your commute to work? Well, if you own

an iPhone or iPod Touch, you're in luck!

Audi has released a Truth in 24 game in the iTunes App

Store. The game puts you in the driver's seat of one of Audi's LeMans racers as yo

u compete in 10-minute endurance race. Drivers must keep a close eye on fuel and

tires as they race toward the finish line.

As racing sims go, Truth in 24 is rather primitive,

sporting clunky, chunky graphics and a loose

accelerometer-based control scheme. However, complaining about a free

game is a bit like complaining about the flavor of free ice cream.


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