Apple News Apple Seeds iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 to Developers [Update]

Apple News

Apple has seeded the third beta of the iPhone 3.0 Firmware and SDK to developers. No word yet on any changes or improvements.

Let us know what you find :)

Thanks to the iClarified readers who have noted the following changes:

- Steven: "MMS works with modified carrier bundle on German T-Mobile network. - Spotlight now saves the last search. - Speed improvements. JB-- - USB Tethering still works"

- VINNNAAAA: "MUCH MORE STABLE speed improvements less run-time memory taken by apps (discovered using Memoryinfo app from AppStore) less crashes Copy & Paste is much more faster and.. well better Spotlight is so much faster and loads info better MMS messages seem to be faster The "Store" menu in Settings is still blank Syncing seems faster and more stable All around the iPhone seems more stable and faster with VAST improvements to speed."

- Nikke: "Ability to sync notes and encryption of backup files"



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