Rock Your Phone - mais um instalador para o iPhone Rock Your Phone - plus an installer for the iPhone

Rock Your Phone é mais uma opção para a publicação de aplicativos barrados pela Apple. Rock Your Phone is an option to publish applications barred by Apple. The process of this application is very similar to Jailbreak and was created in collaboration with the Dev-team.

The main objective is to sell the applications without the limitations of the SDK, and sold each application will have a trial period of 10 days, to help in the decision to buy or not the app.

Visit official site and see how to install:

In addition to available on iPhone, is also available for Windows and Mac where you can see all the apps that are on sale.

To uninstall just restoring the firmware, or just want to ask you "test" will have to restore and install everything again. Valeu Guilherme Thanks Guilherme



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