QuickSMS-Send SMS without having to close the app you are using

Let's assume that you are browsing in Safari, and want to see a news send an SMS to a friend, you must close the safari, return to Springboard and open application of your message, this may take a few seconds. QuickSMS is the solution to this problem !

QuickSMS SMS is an application that runs inside the Springboard eliminating the need to wait for the application load.

If you want to type a message need not close the application that is, back to Springboard and open the application of message. It is accessed simply by pressing the button for volume. . the QuickSMS pops up on your screen very quickly. (Note, this application has no icon in Springboard)
He has the same features as any other program, SMS, Smilies, encrypt messages, add contacts and notes, a large gap is schedule the sending of messages. After you finish, just press the button for the volume down or press the HOME button, and continue the application you were using.
TIP: Add a source in cydia: http://xsellize.com/cydia/frederico-123456/and other programs to get full.


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