Mega4i: Download more than 4000 cracked appstore apps

List of available applications.

If you haven't found the necessary applications, please, write in the forum about it and it will appear during 24 hours in free access.

screenshots of "Mega"

You can install programm "Mega" only to jailbreaked iPhone with installed CYDIA (if you haven't understood anything, please read manuals) and get unlimited access to almost all programms of Appstore.

To install programm "Mega" for free:

0. you have to have one appstore programm downloaded (any programm from appstore)

1.start CYDIA
2.choose MANAGE from menu
3.choose SOURCE, touch button EDIT
4.button ADD will appear, touch it
6.touch ADD SOURCE
7.touch DONE
8.then install MEGA (touch Mega Installer) iPhone

10.Start Mega (icon of appstore with "free" across it), touch button Sign in and you can download ANY 10 programms FREE.


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