iPhone 3.0 to have Copy-and-Paste but not Background Apps


Kevin Rose from Digg has a respectable reputation when it comes to ruining Apple’s new-product-in-the-pipeline-secrecy with his ridiculously accurate predictions. He now has his sights set on iPhone 3.0, and says that there will is a copy-and-paste function (that the iPhone has so sorely lacked until now), but still no background apps. So let’s take a look at these two features:


Kevin Rose predicts that the interface will be very much like the magnifying glass effect you see when you activate the text cursor function. Two fingers have to be used to select the text and from there a copy/paste sub-menu pops up. This interface sounds quite similar to Clippy from Cydia, where to activate the copy/paste menu, you hold down (with one finger) on any text.


Background apps

I really don’t know why everyone is making such a big fuss about the lack of background app processing on the iPhone. Yes, my iPhone is jailbroken, and SBSettings always tells me that I have roughly 14MB of free memory and the only apps that are running in the background are “Phone” and “Mail”. My iPhone constantly freezes up and apps crash halfway through. I honestly can’t imagine what this would be like if Apple were to allow background app processing.

So, we shall see what happens tomorrow, March 17th!


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