Export iPhone SMS: Read text messages directly from PC / Mac

iPhone SMS Export for Windows is an application through which you can read the sms in your iPhone directly from the PC. The software, in fact, is able to convert the SMS database in CSV or HTML formats, giving thus the possibility to consult them easily from your computer.

Click the image to open in full size.

There is also an online version of Export iPhone SMS you can also use the Mac and lets you uppare and consult the database for free and without having to jailbreak or download additional software. Desktop Application fee and costs $ 9.99. These are the main features:

SMS can be filtered according to the number of telephone or downloaded separately;
You can download only SMS received or sent;
and, finally, you can download and sort the message by choosing from more recent or older.
For more information about it please consult the official website of Export iPhone SMS.


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