BeejiveIM, Working!

The solution to the error in the application BeejiveIM is this video:

Summing up the video:

1 - Install MobileFinder via cydia.

2 - Open MobileFinder from the Applications folder and find the BeejiveIM, in the middle of the numbered folders.

3 - Enter the folder for any application that you have "bought" in the App Store for free.

4 - This application has the file "iTunesMetadata.plist" that BeejiveIM for being paid, does not. Clique em File depois em Copy. Click File then Copy.

5- Return of Beejive the folder and click paste to paste the file.

6 - Exit MobileFinder and start using BeejiveIM!

7 - Who can do this work, please post to the coments!

We do not know how long it lasts, then use as can!
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