Agile Messenger is back

Agile Messenger is back, he made a great success in firmware 1.1.4 and was much expected in the App Store. Before could only be installed on devices with jailbreak, it was only found in the Installer. After Fring, this is another great app for iPhone instant messaging 
With this application you can chat with accounts of ICQ, MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, And Jabber googletalk, and the options are really high.

For each contact can send messages, see the information, the group move, rename, or delete from your list, in this case, the contact will be permanently deleted from your account. From the menu of contacts we can change our status, add a contact or a group, see the transit of data sent and / or received .. 

Once you start talking with someone from the menu at the top right we see the settings of contact, we can send a photo (for the moment only from the camera, and not those that have been saved, the same function, even clicking on the lower left panel), we can copy and save the conversation.

The various conversations IRAM open more tabs, easily selectable, you can use emoticons and when you receive a message that will be alerted with a sound. 
Home AgileMeseenger clicking on the button remains active (but this option is disabled), and then we warned, if the message received. 
How can you understand that we are dealing with almost perfect app for MSN messenger and general, and perhaps, only in respect of MSN, is still better than Fringe.

Source: iBlogBrazil


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