YellowSn0w win support for the 0.9.7 firmware 2.2.1

The Dev-Team does not play in service after QuickPwn and PwnageTool update, the team updated the YellowSn0w to work with firmware 2.2.1, but not all are flowers in the hacker world, unfortunately it does not unlock the iPhone 3G with baseband 02:30:03.

Para conseguir realizar o unlock do seu iPhone 3G, você deve restaurar o aparelho com uma firmware custom feita com o PwnageTool, para manter a baseband antiga, e dai sim usar o YellowSn0w . To achieve the unlock of your iPhone 3G, you should restore the machine with a custom firmware with PwnageTool made to keep the old baseband, and then use the YellowSn0w yes.


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