SwirlyMMS, reinforced Trial!

I believe that most of our readers already know the application SwirlyMMS available on cydia that allows us to send and receive MMS on iPhone with jailbreak.

BWell, he is paid and gives us a trial for a few days, but I'll give you a hint here to prolong this time of trial.

First install the application by cydia and activate your demo mode, now exit the application, and the iPhone go to: settings / general / date and time, get the automatic, change the year for 2004 and press home, you just ready to increase the time of trial.

Now download this file and edit it with the notebook, putting the year 2004, with the month and day that you installed, I am citing this year because it matches the week of 2009, but if you want to move to a another year, is there with you, see my example below:

After editing, replace the file SwirlyMMS amended, in the original:

Applications/SwirlyMMS.app Applications / SwirlyMMS.app

now just back in there: settings / general / date and time, switch to automatic again and be happy!


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