pHUtilities - Desbricke your iPhone / iPod touch!

Through this post I'll publish our tool Desbrick of iPods / iPhones, the pHUtilities! Now you can enjoy more of our new project, which runs on Windows and Mac The tool is 100% functional and has many options and features that have been described in this post.

[Update by pH - 18:48]
For those who want to download the video in high definition, click here.
[Fim do Update ] [End Update]
As you must know, our transmission of LiveGeek had some problems, so I decided to make a video and put on YouTube (the quality and editing were much better by the way). Confira o vídeo: Check out the video:

The version of Mac is 100% functional, has to see in the video. Read the README, it contains all the information you'll need to install it.

download the version of Mac

A Windows, this time, have an installer, then you do not have to worry about anything, : D ! !
Windows Click here to download the version of Windows


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