IntelliScreen 2:32

Want to see a compromise?
See if you have new mail?
What about a quick look at your SMS or see the weather forecast?
Want the latest news, but Safari is too slow?
Go to Contacts "Favorites" with a touch?

"lockscreen". Intelliscreen allows rapid access to all these features on your screen "lockscreen.
In my opinion, is one of the applications required today.

See some screenshots of the program:
The program is very simple to use and it is possible to have it in their premium version.

Below I put a step by step to install it and unlock it:

1 - Install IntelliScreen 2:32 via Cydia (you'll need to get a Trial License);
2 - Download this file;
3 - Access the folders on your internal iPhone and make a backup of the following files:
/ Applications / / IntelliScreenConfig
/ Library / Intelliborn / intelliScreenDisplay
/ Library / Intelliborn / intelliScreenMail
/ Library / Intelliborn / intelliScreenSB
4 - Replace the above files for download (in their appropriate directories);
5 - Make sure everyone is with the permission 0755;
6 - From a reboot on your iPhone.

To check if it worked, go in the app and in the About screen is this:


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