Change the word "unlock" using Winterboard [UPDATED]

I can bet that all users of the iPhone and iPod Touch like to customize their equipment, and nothing better than your name and physical or your company name already on the screen to start the unit, is not it?

Before we had the option to change the text of the strings through Customize, but it seems that the application has been forgotten in the firmware 2.X. follow the instructions below and now change the test "release" of his gadget.


- Have an iPhone or iPod Touch with the jailbreak and installed winterboard
2 - Have a program to access the folders of the domestic appliance - WinSCP
3 - Download the Slidertext.theme, unzip and then open the Springboard with the notebook and change the text and save

4 - Now place the folder in the path Slidertext.theme Library / Themes or Private / var / stash / Themes
5 - Now go to the Winterboard and select the Slidertext Slidertext
6 - OK, your machine was modified


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