USBFever Releases SIM Unlock Card for iPhone 2.2

USBFever has released a SIM Unlock Card that supports the iPhone 3G on the 2.2 firmware.

In simpler terms this Simcard enables your existing simcard to work on any locked mobile phone. It is used in parallel to your existing simcard as its only 0.10mm thick, therefore can be inserted along with your existing simcard in any of the mobile phones available throughout the world. It can also be removed easily, without causing any damage to your phone.

This Simcard is the World's first simcard which is fully compatible with UMTS technologies. At the moment users in deployed networks can expect a transfer rate of up to 7.2 Mbit/s for HSDPA handsets in the downlink connection, because this simcard is transparent for both your simcard and the phone, so it does not affect the quality of service your network operator is providing you. Moreover it does not make any Real time on the fly communication modifications and does not reroute SIM card traffic.

- Works out of the box.
- 100% tested with Apple iPhone 3G.
- Works with all networks.
- Easy to use & hassle free.
- No firmware modification is required.
- No warranty void.
- No breach of contract with Service Provider.

The SIM Unlock Card costs US$33.99.

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