Brothers in Arms is now available in App Store

The Gameloft has just released its new game in the App Store, we have previously anticipated its release here in the blog is already more than a week. Certainly this is one of the games with better graphics already produced so far for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

The game takes place in the midst of the second world war, where you enter the soldier Jason Backer, the game takes place in several cities and involves 14 missions.

The arsenal of weapons of this game is amazing, you can count on bazookas, machine guns and rifles, and all scenarios in 3D to take the breath away.

The controls are a little complicated at the beginning, but everything is a matter of time before you get used to it. The accelerometer is well explored in that game, because you will use it to throw the grenades and to fire their weapons less powerful you will press the screen. Com certeza você vai gastar boa parte do seu tempo com esse game. Surely you will spend much of their time with this game.

The game is available on the App Store and costs € 7.99.

DownLoad it From Here


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