iPhone Bluetooth Unlock Making Progress

The iPhone Bluetooth Project has made some significant headway in enabling bluetooth capabilities on the iPhone.

According to an iSpazio report, MeDevil and others working on the iPhone Bluetooth Project (http://iphonebluetooth.tk/) have made some interesting progress. Through an application, developed by MeDevil, and the terminal, they were able to search and find two other bluetooth devices (a sonyericsson phone and an hackintosh) from the iPhone.

Here are some details on what they have achieved:
1. We have been able to initialise bluetooth in objective-c, linking to apples private frameworks, through only reverse engineering.
2. We were able to talk in raw Host Controller Interface code, i.e. close to binary communications, using only POSIX functions that are available in any standard C library.
3. To do that we had to initialise the BlueCore6-ROM type integrated circuit found on the iPhone 3g over a UART transport, formulate HCI packets and read the response.

iSpazio has provided the following images sent from MeDevil. Below them is a google translation of his Italian description.

Unfortunately there is no gui (as it is dialogue with the chipset) ... The photos more interesting is the third, or one with the inscription "Exiting."
a) an index of an array that is not added (for which there is always the same address for all devices found bluetooth)
b) the word "Cod: 302104" and "Cod: 5a0204", which identifies the "Class of device" (that is the type of device and some of the features supported).
For point (b), the devices listed (respectively a computer with usb bluetooth dongle and a sony ericsson K550i) did not find menu bluetooth dell'iphone precisely because of their class of device.

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