Gameloft announces 2 more games for the iPhone

The Gameloft has us with several games this year, as Prince of Persia, Asphalt 4, Real Football and others and not enough like an [unciou two fantastic games for the iPhone.

Brothers in Arms is a game of shooting in person, based on Second World War and with great 3D graphics, and ONTA with a large arsenal of weapons, tanks and Jeeps of war. The commands are given with touch screen and acelorômetro will be used in some moments of the game to perform specific movements.

Heroes of Sparta is the name of the second game to be released by Gameloft, the game is God of War style, in the third person. O jogo também será controlado por toques na tela, mas o game vai te mostrar a onde você deve pressionar para realizar os novimentos. The game will also be controlled by touch screen, but the game goes to show you where you should press to achieve the novimentos.


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