Firmware 2.2 now available

You just go out (03:45) the new software version of the iPhone as promised days ago.

! As I speak here on the Blog, do not upgrade your iPhone!

Once you've got jailbreack and to unlock this version, you will have a very detailed tutorial with pictures and to perform the upgrade.

UPDATE - By Hi-Tech UPDATE - By Hi-Tech

About update

For those who have the iPhone unlocked in 2G and 2.x firmware update the iPhone, the release will be maintained, but the jailbreak will be lost and the iPhone will have to remain until the original Devtara release the software to do the jailbreak. There is no update from Baseband in 2.2.

If it is done for a Restore 2.2, the iPhone can not be activated and will be out of work because the existing software does not make the activation of the iPhone.

With 3G iPhone there was an update of the Baseband, then it is better not to upgrade, since the release via software may become more difficult with this update.

It continues to be recommended that does not update the iPhone, but rushed to the iPhone 2G that do not mind losing the jailbreak and Apps cracked, know that the iPhone will not be damaged (only if the firmware 2.x and is made a UPDATE).

These news I read in forun Hackintosh on the topic of the link below.
hread.php?t=57769 hread.php? t = 57,769

A member of Hackintosh said to have done the update of the iPhone 2G him in the 2.1 to 2.2 and the iPhone remained unlocked, but the iPhone was disabled, ie only have access to screen for connection of an emergency.

So I guess no one better to


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