Genesis4iPhone v2.0.0 Released Publicly

Genesis4iPhone v2.0.0 emulates the Sega Genesis (MegaDrive) and Sega CD consoles for iPhone and iPod Touches running 2.x.x. It has been released by ZodTTD and can be installed via his Cydia repo.

Another day another release...but this time it's a fan fav! Today's release is genesis4iphone v2.0.0. It emulates the Sega Genesis (MegaDrive) and Sega CD consoles for iPhone and iPod Touches running 2.x.x firmware.

Screenshots coming soon. I want to get a better controller skin first.

It is available via my public repo/source on Cydia. Cydia comes with my source pre-installed. So check it out, and if you like it consider donating.

Here's what is new in genesis4iphone v2.0.0:

* A port of Notaz's continued support of PicoDrive.
* New interface/GUI similar to mame4iphone.
* Sound has been heavily improved! To enable sound, goto Now Playing and turn up the volume slider before entering a game.
* Save state support is now working.
* Supports zipped ROMs, and they happen to load much faster than unzipped ROMs...still!
* Sega CD support is implemented though currently untested by me.

Keep in mind I was short on available time to work on genesis4iphone so I implemented the same skin as mame4iphone. Both of these were ported from GP2X handheld softwares, so I tried to find a skin that had the same amount of buttons as the GP2X. Hence why both of these skins are a bit odd.
BUT! You can change the skins! Just edit the controller_hs1.png/.txt files in the Application directory of the app.

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