ZiPhone in Testing Phase One

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Zibri has announced that ZiPhone is in Testing Phase One and self proclaimed it as impressive.

I'm testing at the moment a very preliminary version of the next ZiPhone..
Let me tell you it's impressive.
A very few testers screamed when they saw how simple is this.
I can't tell you more for now..
It's really to early.

Zibri has also responded to an article about the differences between ZiPhone and QuickPwn with this response.

Since dev team is never tired of saying bullshit,
let me tell you this:
They say:
"QuickPwn contains all-original code and features a very tiny bootstrapper that allows it to use libraries and code that's already on the iPhone."

Now just know this:
without "bl39.bin" and "bl46.bin" their BOOTNEUTER would NEVER work.
Those "bin" files are 100% copyrighted code of INFINEON and APPLE.
They are the 3.9 and 4.6 bootloaders of the baseband in their original form.

I hate liars.
And you can check for yourself what I just wrote it's the truth.
Without those files no unlock would be possible with bootneuter.

How could you still believe their words ?

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