Twittelator Pro for iPhone Released

Twittelator Pro is a full featured Twitter client with many more features than the free Twittelator. The application is available for your iPhone from the Apple AppStore at a cost of $5 dollars.

• Have as many twitter accounts as you want - and switch between them instantly

• Updated and optimized user interface including
• 3 Tweet themes to match your mood: Robin, Canary and Martin
• Tweet expands to fit text and stays in a nice large font
• More info on each tweet like user’s full name and posting app
• Large tweet button for easy tweeting
• Confirmation on Tweet send so you don’t pre-tweet by accident
• Copy Tweets and Links and paste text and images into new tweet
• add “twit://” before any link in Safari to start a new tweet with that link!

• New Preference Setting Options:
• Upload high resolution images to
• Turn off Autocorrection (which annoys abbreviators!)
• Turn off Autocapitalization (sometimes html is what you want)

• Tap Navigation Bar to scroll to top of Tweets
• Tap new Page Down button to scroll to next page of Tweets
• If Emergency button is hidden, you’ll see down arrow
• Otherwise, tap between Tweet and Emergency button

• Copy Tweets (tap and hold tweet for 1 second)
• Paste text and images into a new Tweet

• Server access log to see what’s exactly going on

• Full access to API

• Uses faster libXML and has speedier GUI

• Many bug fixes including:
• Tweets are fully displayed - even in Kanji or ALL CAPS!
• Direct messages use “d username” syntax
• Characters left correctly counts characters that require html encoding
• Canceling webview load won’t crash app
• Favoriting a tweet no longer annoyingly scrolls to top
• Hide/Show emergency button hides/shows it everywhere without relaunch
• Adds @friends in order, and inserts wherever cursor is
• Tweets show correct post date
• Following someone doesn’t incorrectly load your friends!
• Parses embedded urls better
• And many other optimizations and tweaks

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