Spore Origins Now Available on AppStore

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Electronic Arts has released Spore Origins for iPhone and it is now available for download from the Apple AppStore.

iPhone/iPod touch Exclusive Features:
- Tilt, turn and twist your way through the primordial ooze with your motion-sensing accelerometer.
- Pinch, pull, and poke your creation in the Creature Editor, customizing the thexture, shape and body parts to fit the way you play.
- Personalize your game-play by skinning your creature with pictures from your device's Photo Albums.
- Experience 2 exciting game modes: Evolution and Survival
- Survive 30 challenging levels teaming with bizarre creatures.
- Navigate treacherous caverns to explore various strange worlds
- Enjoy vivid graphics, dynamic animations and atmospheric music on your evolutionary journey.

Spore Origins for iPhone costs $9.99.

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